This Week's Schedule of Services and Events


Sunday, June 9

      8:45 AM   Orthros

    10:00 AM   Divine Liturgy

Monday, June 10

      3:00 PM   Vacation Church School

Tuesday, June 11

      3:00 PM   Vacation Church School

Wednesday, June 12

      3:00 PM   Vacation Church School

      5:30 PM   Paraclesis

 Thursday, June 13

      3:00 PM   Vacation Church School

      6:00 PM  Adult Choir

 Friday, June 14-- Elisha the Profit

      9:30 AM   Divine Liturgy

      3:00 PM    Vacation Church School

Saturday, June 15

       9:00 AM   Divine Liturgy at Paracletos Monastery

                      Abbeville, SC with Fr. Michael

       9:30 AM   Saturday of Souls Liturgy in COlumbia with

                      Fr. Chrysostom and Fr. Edward



  • We need a couple of friends to do the coffee hour for June 30. If you would like to volunteer please call Genie Bitzas at 803-622-0473. Thank You for your help!

  • More Volunteers Appreciated:

    Four people are currently volunteering to bring George Zarvos and his dog to church each Sunday. We could use a few more volunteers to spread the opportunity to do a good deed. George lives just off Sunset Boulevard in West Columbia adjacent to Grecian Gardens. If you are able and willing to assist, please call the church office.















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