This Week's Schedule of Services and Events

Sunday, June 13   8:45 AM Orthros
  10:00 AM Divine Liturgy
Tuesday, June 15   5:30 PM Parish Council Meeting
Wednesday, June 16   5:30 PM Paraclesis
Saturday, June 19   9:30 AM Divine Liturgy - Saturday of Souls
    6:00 PM Great Vespers









“Lord of the Powers”

June 21-25, 2021

Zoom 6:00 pm-6:45 pm/ In-person 5:45pm-7:00pm 


Registration is open from 5/23/21-6/13/21. Please return this form to the church office or e-mail to Phil & Crystal Lawrence at Thank you!

Ages 3 y.o.-6th grade may attend either via Zoom or in-person. All students attending in-person will wear masks and be socially distanced. Students who are 3, 4, or 5 years of age will be required to have one parent present if attending in-person.

Please print/write legibly.

Name of student:__________________________________________

Age of student:______  Rising grade (if applicable):______

Contact phone#:______________  email__________________

How will your student attend? Check one.

_____ via Zoom (on-line)    _____  in-person

If your student is 3, 4, or 5 years old and attending in-person, what is the name of the parent who will be attending also? ____________________________

____ Not applicable, my student is > 5 years old or attending via Zoom.

In-person students will be provided a pre-packaged snack. If you are signing up for in-person class, does your student have any food allergies? ___No   ___ Yes, they are______________




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